About Us

About Us

Lailun Khan is the principal Consultant and Managing Director for Pacific Investment Consultancy Pte Limited (PICL), Productions Pacific Pte Limited (Prodpac) and Showtime Connect Pte Limited. Lailun is also a licensed and experienced Audio Visual Agent in Fiji. With more than 30 years of professional work experience in both public and private sector, and with her dedicated team of professionals, you can reach out to us to assist you with your needs.

Productions Pacific Pte Limited (Prodpac)

ProdPac was established in 2012 to facilitate film and television productions in Fiji. The company specializes in film project management and rebate compliance.

Pacific Investment Consultancy Pte Limited (PICL)

PICL is a private company offering professional investment and business advice to investors along with a broad range of portfolio management.

We provide an exceptional service

Investment & Business Advisory Services
Pacific Investment Consultancy Pte Limited (PICL) offers professional investment advisory services ranging from foreign investment business registration, facilitation of work visas and permits and other range of specialised services.
Film & Television Production Services
Productions Pacific Pte Limited (ProdPac) facilitates film and television productions in Fiji, specialising in film project management, recruitment of crew, accounting and payroll services, and tax rebate compliance.
Payroll Services
Managing local payroll services is one of the core services Pacific Investment Consultancy Limited (PICL) offers to its clients. PICL’s team have the experience and competencies to work with clients in managing this important human resource function of the production.
Work Permits & Visas
We have on our team dedicated staff facilitating investor work permits and visas, and immigration visas for film and television productions (cast and crew).

Why Choose Us ?

As we strive to successfully complete film and television productions in Fiji, we ensure that our clients meet all statutory obligations from pre to post production.
We are a team of professionals equipped with extensive experience and network in the industry. Our team consists of dynamic and self-motivated professionals who have excellent communications skills and dedication towards to their work.
Housed with experienced and professional team, we understand why this is important and are committed to work with our clients in ensuring that timelines are met.
Our experiences and having product knowledge minimizes any chances of errors in our service delivery, paying attention to minutest details and meeting all statutory requirements.