Champions Vs Contenders Australian Survivor – S5 (2018) Australia

Champions Vs Contenders Australian Survivor – S5 (2018) Australia

Champions Vs Contenders Australian Survivor – S5 (2018) Australia

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Champions v Contenders: The contestants are divided into two tribes based on their occupations and degree of success in life:
The Champions​ tribe is made up of public figures from fields such as (but not limited to) sports and entertainment.
The Contenders tribe is made up of everyday Australian contestants.

Imported Castaway: Former American contestant Russell Hantz competes as a member of the Champions tribe.
Shorter Game: This season lasts for 50 days, 5 days shorter than the previous two seasons.
Meager Supplies: Tribe were not given any sort of food rations or a source of water at their campsites and were only given a pot and machete.

Hidden Immunity Idol: A Hidden Immunity Idol for each tribe is hidden at the tribes campsite. Also, for the first time, idols are hidden at Tribal Council.
Exile Beach: Similar to the American version’s Redemption Island, Exile Beach is introduced on Day 18 where the castaway voted out at the Tribal Council and the following one on Day 20 will have to compete to re-enter the game.
Tribe Switch: On Day 25, a tribe switch occurred.

Save or Send: On Day 28, the winning tribe would eavesdrop at the losing tribe’s Tribal Council, where they would get a chance to vote either send home or save the castaway voted out at that Tribal Council. If the winning tribe chose to save them, they would join that tribe instead.

Vote Steal: At the auction, a vote steal was put into play. This allows a castaway to steal another castaway’s vote before the votes are cast. Should a tie occur, the advantage user is able to steal their victim’s vote at a revote, but only if the victim is eligible to vote on the revote.

Moral Dilemma: On Day 33, the Koro Savu tribe had to send one member to make a decision between getting a large bag of vegetables or a smaller bag of vegetables which came with an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge for that member. Another dilemma occurred on Day 47, where the two castaways that checked Tree Mail would get to decide whether to both steal a meal or both split it with the remainder of the tribe. If one person chooses split and the other chooses steal, the stealer will take the entire meal for themselves.

Dead Man Walking: At the Tribal Council on Day 40, rather than voting someone out, the person who received the most votes would become a Dead Man Walking. This person cannot vote for the next two Tribal Councils, but remains eligible to win Immunity Challenges, use Hidden Immunity Idols, and be voted out. In addition, they will reside at Exile Beach until the Final 5.