KohLanta Season 19 (2018) France

KohLanta Season 19 (2018) France

KohLanta Season 19 (2018) France

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Koh Lanta (called Raiders of Koh Lanta in the first season ) is a television show French of reality and adventure broadcast on TF1 since August 4 , 2001. It is first presented by Hubert Auriol , then by Denis Brogniart since 2002.

Its name is taken from the Thai “Koh Lanta”, meaning in French “the island of a million eyes” and which is the name of the Thai island on which the first season was filmed.

The program is adapted from Survivor , whose concept was invented in1992by Charlie Parsons and first shot for Swedish television in1997under the name of Expedition Robinson.

Since 2001 , nineteen seasons have been filmed, at the rate of one per year and then two per year from season 15, in addition to six special editions opposing outstanding candidates from previous seasons ( The Return of the Heroes , The Revenge of heroes , La Nouvelle Edition , The Combat of heroes ), sometimes opposed to renowned sportsmen ( The Clash of heroes ) or sometimes opposed to anonymous ( The island of heroes ) .

In march 2013, the program comes to a halt: following the death of a candidate, season 13 in Cambodia is canceled from the first day of filming. The case created controversy and the show’s doctor committed suicide ten days later. Despite these dramas, the show ends up coming back, first in the form of a special edition with former candidates, shot inMay 2014and broadcast in the fall of the same year. The shooting of the regular seasons with anonymous people resumed the following year with the broadcast of season 14.

The May 10 , 2018, the shooting of season 19 is canceled following a presumption of sexual assault between competitors.

The casting of season 20 is however not suspended, the shooting also took place on the same island and the concept is the same.